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Visiting whales in Cabo San Lucas; All you need to know about Whale Watching.

What you need to know about whale watching in Cabo San Lucas and how you can enjoy the whole experience.

Did you know, that Cabo San Lucas is among the top best areas for whale watching? You just have to include whale watching on your itinerary to enjoy the complete touring experience in Cabo San Lucas. Loveshack Cruises will help make the whole experience beautiful for you, whether you go on a regular cruise or a private yacht cruise. Read on to find out all there is to know about whale watching.

Whale watching is one of the most looked out for touring experiences in Cabo San Lucas, especially in November as that is when you are bound to spot different species of whales. Humpback whales and gray whales are the most common type of whales you can easily spot in the pacific sea, you can even be lucky enough to spot blue whales, with a professional boat cruise company. Humpback whales are the highlights of Cabo San Lucas whale watching as they are splashers and can easily be spotted at the surface of the sea. Grey whales on the other hand are also fun to watch.

There is no better place to enjoy a wonderful whale-watching experience, than Cabo San Lucas, especially when you are doing that with a comfortable cruise company. Loveshack Cruises is one of the best cruise companies for tourists looking to enjoy a wonderful sea touring experience.

What you need to know about whale watching

Before visiting whales, there are certain things you need to need to have in mind, to make the experience even better. Here’s all you need to know about whale watching in Cabo San Lucas;

  1. Do not feed the whales

Whales can basically feed on anything they are given, but feeding the whales during whale watching is not an ideal thing to do. The food/snacks given to them may be harmful to their system, so it’s best to just watch them.

  1. Go with an experienced tourist guide

You can spot a whale at a beach, or even while looking at the sea from your beach house window, but the experience cannot be as exciting as having a close view, from a yacht, with an expert tourist guide. Love Shark Cruises offers the most exclusive whale-watching experience, with expert guides, to lead you to the exact locations of whales’ favorite breeding grounds, where you can have an up-close view of the majestic creatures. If you prefer visiting whales in private, Loveshack cruises also offers a private yacht whale-watching experience. Your tour guide will also educate you on the different types of whales you will come across, including details on how they feed and breed.

  1. What to wear

It is best to wear warm and waterproof clothing while visiting whales in Cabo San Lucas. As we all know, the sea is often cold, so it is best to stay protected from the cold. You can wear hats too, to prevent sun rays and of course, most importantly, you need a camera, to capture the whole experience. There are professional photographers from Loveshack Cruises, that can help you capture your whole whale-watching experience beautifully, you can request them if you wish.

Whale watching is a worthwhile experience, but you need to go through it, the right way, to enjoy the experience. Loveshack Cruises, whether through a regular cruise or with a private yacht cruise, will give you an outstanding experience.

Contact Loveshack Cruises today, for the perfect whale-watching experience.

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